The intuition of the community





The spiritual intuition is to re-propose the life of the first missionaries of the Gospel, reinvigorating the spirit of the first Christian communities in the people of God, proclaiming and bearing witness that:

Jesus is WAY, TRUTH and LIFE!

It is not simply a question of repeating something from the past, but of reinvigorating Christian witness today, living the Way as a place of Christ’s presence. The steps of Jesus were revealed for us on the road, therefore to say that Jesus is the Way means for us to attest not only the orientation of our life and his following but also the centrality of the road, not only as a physical space but as a place of ‘meeting with the other and walking with the other.

Therefore we commit ourselves in a specific way to create Christian communities, centered on the Word of God, well founded on the teaching of the Church and with the specific commitment to be missionaries.Hence the lay movement was born with its mystical and evangelizing communities, united from the Word and from the presence of Christ. Consecrated persons bear witness to the radical call to follow Jesus, and accompany and support the journey of the communities of the laity.



Our days are marked by prayer, manual work (with which we provide for our needs and are in contact with creation), spiritual formation (founded on the Word of God and the teaching of the Church) and the proclamation of Jesus , going out into the streets and reaching the new wells (cf Jn 4: 1-42), that is, wherever we can intercept the thirst for meaning of so many. Dedicated to the new evangelization in its various forms, we also travel in total providence (cf Lk 10: 3-9), making pilgrimages on foot and by hitchhiking.

We try to live a radical poverty, so that we can testify that Christ is our all. Furthermore, through poverty, which makes us deprived of means, we have the opportunity to meet people in everyday life. Our beggar lifestyle allows us to be in communion with the least and not to forget that God himself is the beggar of love who seeks us incessantly. We therefore undertake to consider ourselves last and not to consider anything as our property or domain. Therefore in the Institutes we live without a money circle, to live the Gospel in its radicality and beauty.

An example of this inspiration is the experience of Saints Peter and Paul for love for the church and missionary zeal; of St. Francis of Assisi who reproduced the poor and itinerant life of the first disciples of the Lord; and the example of Saint Therese of Lisieux, capable of tracing the “little way” to follow the Lord with simplicity and confident love even in the smallest things.




“Those of the Way” (cf. Acts 9: 2), as the first Christians were called.

The Lord wanted to give us this name to remind us that:

– We are travelers, always on the way with Jesus and towards Jesus, who is the Way!

We are missionaries, therefore we make our own the words of Jesus: “Go and proclaim to my brothers” (Mt 28, 16-20).




In addition to the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity, our charism requires a fourth particular vow, that is, that of conformation to Christ the Truth, so as to serve, proclaim and bear witness to the Truth in all concrete situations of life, mindful of the words of Jesus who he said: for this I came into the world: to bear witness to the Truth (Jn 18:37).

The biblical passage that has been the impetus towards this new inspiration is:




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