The intuition of the community


Revive the life of the first missionaries of the Gospel among the people of God reinvigorating the spirit of the first Christian communities with the announcement in a world in which everything is related that Jesus proclaimed TRUTH ‘. Thus becoming industrious for the new evangelization!

Our days are punctuated by prayer, manual work with which we provide for our needs and we are in contact with the creation, the spiritual formation founded on Christ and love for the Church and the proclamation of Christ out to the streets and reaching new wells (Jn.4,1-42), that anywhere you can intercept the thirst for meaning many. Traveling also of total providence (cf. Lk 10.3 to 9), usually walking and hitchhiking, so through poverty that makes us no means you have the chance to meet people in everyday life. Sure that you can live the following of Jesus in a radical way, to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


“Those of the Way” (Acts 9.2), were called as the first Christians, the Lord wanted us to acquire this name to remind us that:

– We wanderers, always on the way to Jesus who is the Way!

– We are missionaries, so we make our own the words of Jesus: “Go and proclaim THE GOSPEL my brothers” (Mt. 28, 16-20)



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