Our history



This small fraternity was born from the heart of God and the free response of three young.

“We initially experienced a form of evangelical life, but as time passes, the Holy Spirit has made us grow in us a strong desire of authenticity, radical poverty and more radical life to show our total love for Christ and to be authentic Christians. After speaking with the bishops who followed us, confirmed in our deep love for the Church to obey, we have begun to share our experience of faith in the Diocesis of Lamezia Terme, by cultivating our friendship and the journey on the wat to Jesus, we lived devoted to prayer, work and evangelization by the only rule of Gospel! To understand what Lord asked us, we offered a pilgrimage by walking with nothing like the first disciples of the Lord, real Marian shrines of Europe confident that the heavenly Mother would increasingly enlightened us more and more. Thanks to the intervention of the Lord who has guided our history, by the grace of God we understood and felt strong in our heart to give our life as missionaries of Gospel because Someone proclaimed Himself Truth, the only Truth that man’s heart looking incessantly for and which is often denied or trampled in a world that relativized everything. Starting from a life of poverty that can be a simple mirror of the community of the first disciples of the Lord”.       

(friar Faustino – friar Umile – sister Chiara)

From there was born a small fraternity that has become religious istitute, made of brothers and sisters who are inspired by the life of the first Christian community (those of the Way – cf. Acts 9,2), living the grace of religious consecration as apostolic missionaries, evangelists poor and traveling. By a life based on simplicity, without circulation of money and totally dedicated to the Providence, the brothers and sisters united by the prayer which is the source of everything we do, industrious in working off the land that the Lord has given us, dedicated to training serious and well-founded; lovers of Truth to testify and announce follow the Lord in this lifestyle.

san francesco sacco

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