Vocation. It is the word that you should love the most. Because it is a sign of howMissionari della Via important you are at the eyes of God. It is the approval rating, with Him, of your weak life. Yes, because if He calls you it is to say He loves you. You’re in his heart, there is no doubt. In a vast crowd of people hear a name: yours. General astonishment. Nobody had thought about you. He had! Rather than a “call”, it looks like an “evocation”. Evocation from nowhere. You can tell everyone: he remembered me. And in front of the microphones of the story (it seems to you in the secret of your heart) you entrust a task that only you can perform. You and no other. A task tailor-made … for him. Yes, for him, not for you. More than a mission, it seems a good bet. A wager on your poverty. He wrote “I love you” on the rock, on the rock, not on sand as in the old songs. And next to that rock He put your name. Maybe he dreamed at night. In your night. Alleluia. You can tell everyone: He didn’t blame on me. [Tonino Bello].


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